Project Management

The traditional methods of management structure, which based on fragmentary approach, are orientated on old and long outdated hirachical management concepts.
These run to the typical problems in the workflow, such as cost explosions, quality losses, date delays and legal arguments.
I support my customers with large-scale projects in all achievement of building project-management as well as project-care and coordination in sense of the work contract under use of integrated management tools.
Often owners and clients decide only at short time to strengthen the usually existing project teams.
Here I am characterised by high flexibility as well as the ability to work in fast and my ability for teamwork.

Consulting & Expert Reports

As a legal expert for the building and construction business, I am specialized on irregularities like defects and faults.
I examine and evaluate the irregularities for our clients in an efficient way.
Beyond the analyses and their causes, I set up expert reports, cost statements and give proposals for the redevelopment and the entire completion.

Architecture & Planings

The architectural work contains the necessary drawings and plans in accordance of the HOAI (German scale of professional charges) for the handling of projects.